Facebook Page

To facilitate communication within the corps, we have a created an unofficial Facebook page for our cadets to use.  In order to ensure the online safety and security of our cadets and staff, we have limited access to the group.  To be added to the Facebook page, you must read over and agree to the following and then request to be added to the group.  If you are using a different name on Facebook, please let the Admin Officer know before requesting to be in the group, as unknown names will not be added.  Parents must speak with the Admin Officer prior to requesting permission to join the group as well, as we must know who we are adding.

USERS: To maintain a safe and secure online forum for our cadets, the 2276 PPCLI Facebook page is limited to active cadets and their parents only.  Active Officers/CIs/CVs are permitted to have access to promote upcoming events, however they are not to engage in general conversation or answer general questions that can easily be answered through the cadet’s chain of command.  It is also not a forum for announcing attendance issues such as a cadet running late or not being able to attend an event – Cadets are expected to phone the LHQ and talk to the Admin O, and in the event no one is present, they are to leave a detailed voice mail. 

EXPECTATIONS:  Group members are expected to maintain a high level of professionalism at all times.  Never refer to someone by just their first name; always use rank and last name, Sir’s, and Ma’am’s.  All forms of communication among other officers and cadets in a public forum must show the proper respect / complements you would when in person wearing a uniform.  They are also expected to direct cadets to their appropriate chain of command when posed with general questions (Example – A cadet asking what the dress of the day is should call their section leader, not post a message to the CO).

ADMINISTRATORS: A minimum of 2 officers should have administration rights to the page.  It is the officers responsibility to moderate the page to ensure it is a safe medium for cadets to communicate amongst each other.

PRIVACY OF PERSONAL INFORMATION:  At no point should a member post another member's personal information on Facebook.  Personal information includes phone numbers, addresses, legal names (if the person is using an alias name online), etc.  If someone requires personal information, they are to utilize their chain of command via the distributed phone list or warning orders.

INTERPERSONAL CONFLICT: There is to be no insulting or derogatory comment on Facebook and any comments deemed to be inappropriate are to be handled by the PSRY officers.  Bickering on the Facebook page, especially among the NCO or Officer ranks is not tolerated.  The Administors are responsible for monitoring the Facebook page and are to document and delete any inappropriate posts, and must handle the incident through the proper chain of command.

PAST CADETS / OFFICERS:  This 2276 PPCLI Facebook page is not to be used for past cadets / officers.  Once a cadet has been given SOS status, they are to be deleted from the Facebook page by the administrators.

Once you  have read over the above points, please follow the link to our Facebook Group and request to be added: https://www.facebook.com/groups/367204566796085/