Highland Pipes & Drum Band

What we do: 

The 2276 P.P.C.L.I. Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps’ Pipes and Drums Band is an ensemble of cadets who march and play the Highland Pipes and Drums.  We are often called upon to march in public parades, and to play during formal cadet events and parade nights.  The band consists of three sections:

Being a member of the Pipes and Drums band requires a great deal of commitment as practicing is not as simple as coming out one night a week.  Cadets are required to take their instruments home and practice several times a week and then meet up once a week to ensemble and practice marching while playing as a military style band.

Practice Nights:

Cadets who are members of the band are required to practice scales and melodies on their instruments at home.  Our band forms up in the basement of the Legion on Monday evenings for 18:30 and are dismissed at 20:30.  This is when they learn how to play as a band, as well as the skills necessary to parade as a band.  Members of the band are asked to commit for the year so they can master the skills needed to play for parades and formal cadet functions at a professional level.

How to Join:

We are always open to new members! Cadets interested in joining the band are welcome to come out during our practice nights where they will be taught the skills required.  For further information, please contact Lt Kyle Swaenepoel, Band Officer.