Meet the Staff!


Captain Geoff Bough

Commanding Officer


Captain Tracy Radcliffe, ODJM, CD

Deputy Commanding Officer / Administration Officer


Lieutenant Kirk Titley

Training Officer / Orienteering Coach


Captain Gregg Nicoll, CD, FSESM, BCLSM (Retired)

Instructor / Marksmanship Coach


Second Lieutenant Marie Parkin

Instructor / Assistant Training Officer



Second Lieutenant Maggie Bough

Second Lieutenant Som Pun

Lieutenant Jennifer Cody

Civilian Volunteer Shelley Gass

Civilian Volunteer Leanne Bausman

Civilian Volunteer Richard Sharpe

Civilian Volunteer Stephen Cody

Civilian Volunteer Kris Nicoll

Special thanks to Stacy Flotre Photography for providing portrait photos of our staff members and donating her services.