Past Members

At 2276 PPCLI RCACC, we have had many dedicated cadets, staff and volunteers.  Without the dedication, support and effort of everyone involved, this corps could not have grown to what it is today.

Former Commanding Officers - 2276 Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps

1946-1947: Mr. Finlay Dalzell

1948-1949: Mr. Gwellyn Jones

1949-1966: Captain Frank Davies, ED, CD

1966-1971: Captain Gordon Adlard, CD

1971-1976: Captain Barre Eyre

1976-1981: Captain Jan deVuyst

1981-1987: Major Alex Bolin, CD

1987-1988: Captain Terry Kopan

1988-1989: Major Alex Bolin, CD

1989-1992: Captain Curtis Rattray

1992-1993: Officer Cadet Gordon Hawkridge

1993-1996: Lieutenant Chad Cushway

1996-1997: Second-Lieutenant David Elliott

1997-2003: Captain Dan Davies

2003-2005: Captain David Ross

2005-2008: Captain Gregg Nicoll, CD

2008-2011: Captain Linda Nielsen, CD

2011-2013: Captain Thor Toms, CD

2013-2016: Captain Kenneth Lane, CD

2016-2019: Captain Geoffrey Bough

2019-Present: Captain Tracy Radcliffe, CD, ODJM

Last Updated:  2019.10.25