Biathlon Team

2276 Biathlon Team has been competing at Northern BC Zone Competition and Pacific Region Provincials for many years now. We take up to ten cadets to the Zone Competition and as many cadets that qualify then proceed to the Provincial Competition typically held at Mount Washington on Vancouver Island. The cadets on the Biathlon Team train in Skate style Cross Country Skiing and Marksmanship using the .22 Anchutz Target Rifle. A race normally consists of four laps on skis and three bouts of shooting between those laps. For each target missed, a time penalty is added to the overall time to complete the race. The cadets with the fastest times win the competition. This is a really fun activity and most cadets that try it come back each year to improve on their skills. There is no need to have skiing or shooting experience to join the team - just come out and try it!!!

For more info, please contact the Biathlon Team Coach - Capt Geoff Bough