Precision Drill Team

What we do:

The 2276 P.P.C.L.I. Royal Canadian Army Cadet Corps Precision Drill Team is a group of cadets that marches and performs military drill movements.  These drills allow cadets to participate in the historical act of moving troops in an organized and professional manner.  Drill takes a great deal of concentration and discipline and gives our cadets a strong sense of accomplishment.  Drill movements consist of standing drill which is when the cadet remains in a stationary platoon and marching drill where the cadets are mobilized and move together.  These movements can be completed with or without arms (De-commissioned Drill Purpose Rifles).  Drill team members are expected to maintain an exceptionally high level of dress and deportment standards as they have a great sense of pride in their uniforms.


The Canadian Cadet Organization hosts several levels of drill competitions which consist of drill teams from all three elements (Army / Air / Sea Cadets).  Cadets from around the Country compete in local / provincial / national competitions for a chance to be labelled the best.

Drill competitions are scored on the following:

Practice Nights:

Our precision drill team forms up on the parade square in the Legion on Monday evenings for 18:30 and are dismissed at 20:30.  Members of the drill team are asked to commit to the team for the year so they can learn the movements needed to compete in drill meets (zone competitions).

How to Join:

We are always open to new members! Cadets interested in joining the drill team are welcome to come out during our practice nights where they will be taught the drill movements required.  For further information, please contact CV Williams, Drill Team Instructor.